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Google Flights 

 Google Flight is one of the main authoritative travel search engines on the web that is easy to use and has multiples features to plan your journeyat ease. This complete guide of 2020 about “How to use Google Flights to find Cheap Flights with Pros and Cons” will help you how to use Google Flights, and how to find cheap flights

Google Flight

Google Flight has following advantages:

Extra Fast:
Google Flights is much faster than any
other flight finding search engine on the web may be on the globe. It
displays cheap Air Fares of months within seconds.
Calendar View Function:
A simple calendar view function is present in Google Flights which shows us the cheapest airfares of even next year.

Multiple airport searches:

Google Flights has amazing function. It
lets us to find the cheapest airfares up to 7 origin and 7 destination
airports, without slowing the search down.

Google Flight Map-based search:

Google has a product on the web which is
known as “Google Map”. Google uses this product to find the cheapest
places and tickets within your selected range.

Cons of Google Flights (Disadvantages):

Google Flights has following disadvantages:
Google Flights doesn’t always have the cheapest fares:
Google Flights has the main disadvantage
that it works by probing airfares that are sold from the airlines
directly and a handful of Expedia or Orbitz which are top online travel
agencies of the globe.
Most of the time the finest airfares can
available or found on minor travel agencies that Google Flights doesn’t
have which makes it before other travel agencies. Google Flights can’t
display results of “Southwest Airlines” so, have to check those airlines
Cannot find mistake or wrong airfares:
A lot of mistakenly or wrong airfares show up on many minor online travel agencies. Google Flights can’t find those.
Shows occupied deals:

Many times Google Flights will tell you that a certain airfare is
available at a certain price, but when you proceed to book it by
clicking it shows a great increment in price or “ there is no way to
book online” and will tell you to call the airline. This happens
frequently on Google Flights when a certain airfare was freshly
available but not now.
Change your currency and language on Google Flights:
In the top left-hand corner of Google
Flight has the facility to change your currency or language. It is
present at the top left-hand corner; these are three horizontal lines to
the left-hand corner of “Google Flights.”
It will open a vertical bar of the menu
on the very left corner. At the bottom there are options to change your
country, currency, or language that you want to use in Google Flights.
There is also the option of Explore map to view map or prices (complete
details will be discussed below).
Set Origin and departure locations:
Go to the homepage; type your location of origin and your location of departure with your selected date and time
You can add more than seven airports in each box. Each one separated by a comma.
Select dates and time in Google Flights:
Click on the “departure date box” if you
want to find the cheap flights after that prices for 2 months will
appear in a pop-up, Check out the green part which has cheapest dates
When you will look at the calendar of the cheapest airfares, click on the date of your departure and the date of your return.
At this point, Google Flights will then show you the list of all the lowest and cheapest flights.
By considering in mind Google Flights
will show you the top flights for departure following price and routing.
Local time flight times will be shown on Google Flights.

Book Flights In Google Flights: (complete method)

Find a good departure flight as described
previously, click on it. You’ll be then instructed to choose returning
flight. You could also go back and can change the departure flight.

Google Flights is a flight search engine.
It is not an online travel agency. That means you can’t book a flight
because Google Flights doesn’t sell flights. Google Flights will
redirect you to that website where you want to book your flight.

When you will click on your No.1 return flight it will take you to booking options.

Book Flights in Google Flights: (Ghosting method)

Google Flights
How to use Google Flight Search to Book Cheap Flights
Sometimes not whenever you find a cheap
fare using Google Flights whether the price certainly increases or it
shows that flight cannot be booked.

The solution to this problem is the “ghosting method.”

The issues which appear when booking a flight using Google Flights are
like when the booking process starts the price jumps very high.

When you will start booking, the legit way to gain really low price flight is by contacting the respecting airline

When you go to the last step of booking after confirmation of the actual
cheap price of flight but what is this the price suddenly jumps in
price on the booking page.

If any issue appears like this while booking a flight then there is only a solution of “Ghosting Method”.
Ghosting Method Includes:
Try different dates and time zones in Google Flights

Take these dates and time zones and find ghosting fares

None of these methods are certain

Sometimes it is impossible to book a cheap flight by using ghosting fares anywhere.
Use Map View on Google Flights:
One of the main and hidden functions of Google Flights is Explore Map. A lot of people forget to use this function.
You can enter entire specific cities, specific countries, and even entire continents like Asia, Australia, and Europe, etc.

While using map view consider in mind the main factors like date, origin, departure, time zone, etc. while searching or booking.
The conclusion is that Google Flights has
many advantages and disadvantages which makes it a little bit
controversial. Maybe after some time Google will update its matrix which
will make it the largest Online Travel Agency in the future.

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